Pitching Drills That You Should Use!

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Baseball pitching drills need to be used at each and every practice for your pitchers. I learned early on, as a youth baseball coach, that pitching is probably the most important component of a successful baseball team.

Most young baseball players don’t know the proper mechanics of pitching. They just throw the ball and don’t work on anything which will improve their skills and prevent arm injuries.

How to Throw a Baseball Harder

Here’s a video with some extra tips for throwing harder.

These pitching mechanics are necessary to prevent arm injuries, get the most velocity on the baseball and to accurately throw the baseball. Most of these pitching drills are very simple and easy to teach.

NOTE: Sometimes it is just using simple baseball vocabulary that helps youth players understand things more. Be sure to read about the One Word That Will Make You Sound Like a Baseball Expert. The word “Stay” is a simple word that kids understand when teaching baseball pitching drills.

Below you will find links to different pitching drills that you can use during your youth baseball practice. They are simple and easy to use!

Lastly, you will find some recommended resources that you can purchase from Amazon.com that will help your players become better pitchers.


Practice is the only way to ensure that pitchers really learn and understand the mechanics of the game, so we provide drills meant to help players develop technique, speed, and correct form. The drills are broken down by components. Some drills work only on the foot pattern. Some work only on the arm rotation. Some put everything together and work on the pitch as a whole. By providing separate drills for separate pitching components, the coach is more able to tailor the practice to the needs of his team.

Use these drills as you see fit. Adjust them to your team and don’t be afraid to pick only one area of the pitch to work on at once. With the level of customization provided, you can help players develop the skills that they personally are most lacking in while still maintaining your commitment to develop all pitchers in all areas of the game.


Balancing Act Pitching Drill
Hip Movement Pitching Drill
Knee Kick Pitching Drill


Hand Synchronization Pitching Drill
Follow Through Pitching Drill
One Knee Pitching Drill
High Arm Pitching Drill


Crossbar Pitching Drill
Towel Pitching Drill
Bullpen Pitching Drill

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