The towel pitching drill is a well-known drill that helps players extend their arm and snap their wrists and put the pitching motion together.

Pitchers start with a small towel that they can tape or rubber band in the center and at the ends to keep it from flying apart. Pitchers should also make a line of tape approximately the same as their height to get a good sense of distance their stride should be.

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Practicing the Towel Drill

Pitcher  starts in full stride stance with a small towel held like a baseball

Coach is out in front holding glove out. Pitcher executes pitching motion, hitting coach’s glove with towel. Make sure

Make sure coach is far enough out front to make pitcher reach for glove to hit with towel.

Practicing the Towel Drill at Home

Player places a chair at one end of the line and they stand at the other end. There should be a line of tape down the center of the chair as well. Pitchers take a stride and practice snapping the towel down onto the center line of the chair.


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