– The high arm pitching drill specifically teaches players to get on top of the ball and release it when their arm is high. The pitcher starts with his feet wider than shoulder-width and with the front foot facing the target. This is a permanent position, so the legs will not be moving during the drill.

The pitcher starts with his throwing elbow at shoulder height, which puts the arm into the high-cocked position. At this point, a right-handed pitcher should be showing the ball to the short stop, and a left-handed pitcher should be showing it to second base.

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The glove arm should also have the elbow at shoulder height, with the elbow pointing to the target. To release the ball, the pitcher simply rotates the glove elbow back while rotating the hips forward. To give the ball any power, pitchers have to have a tremendous flick of the wrist, since they are not moving their pitching arm at all. This also forces them to use their hips for power and follow-through properly by bending at the waist.


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