Teaching a youth baseball team about baseball defensive plays and situations is one of the top priorities a coach should have!  Have you ever watched a very talented youth baseball team that wasn’t winning?  There is a very good chance that the coach may be just “riding” the talent and not coaching his players about the game…

Offensively, teams know what they are trying to execute on any given pitch.  It is the defensive team that must react to that situation.  Youth baseball coaches MUST practice and teach ALL types of possible situations on a regular basis if they want their teams to react well during a baseball game situation.  If the players have never practiced a situation that happens in the game, the will fail.

There are all kinds of situations that need to be covered on a regular basis during a youth baseball practice.  They include bunt situations, 1st and 3rd situations, double cut-off situations, steal attempts and much more.  Youth baseball coaches must prepare their athletes for these situations if the athletes are going to be expected to perform during a baseball game.

Below are links to some defensive situations that coaches need to address with their team.  Read and learn from them.  If you have your own drill that works great for you, be sure to submit your own drill below.


Baseball Cutoff Responsibilities With No Runners On Base

Double Cutoff Situation


Bunt Defense With Runner on First Base

Bunt Defense With Runners on First and Second Base

Squeeze Play Defense With Runner on Third Base


Defensive Situation Cheatsheet

9 Legged Monster – This defensive cheat sheet is a MUST HAVE! Basic info for that every kid needs to know about all 9 positions!

Download this, for free, right now. Print it out (back to back), laminate it and give it to all of your players.


Runners on 1st & 3rd Defense

Stealing Defense (who covers what base)

List of Baseball Trick Plays

In summary, be sure to teach your team how to react to as many baseball situations as you possibly can. That is the only way to ensure that your players will have a chance to make the correct play in a game. Practice, practice, and practice…

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