Baseball Getting Started Guide

It is important for players to be properly equipped, understand the rules and have a good knowledge of fundamentals and position responsibilities.

Baseball Equipment

  1. Essential Equipment for Your Baseball Player
  2. Choosing a Baseball Bat
  3. Buying a Baseball Mitt

Baseball Quizzes

  1. Playing Shortstop Quiz
  2. Playing Second Base Quiz
  3. Playing First Base Quiz
  4. Playing Catcher Quiz
  5. Playing Left Field Quiz
  6. All Our Quizzes!!!


  1. How to Field a Routine Groundball
  2. How to Catch a Baseball
  3. How to Catch a Flyball
  4. Infield Basics and Fundamentals
  5. Fielding Fundamentals
  6. Advanced Infielder Skills
  7. Proper Throwing
  8. Throwing a Baseball Harder
  9. Outfield Basics and Fundamentals
  10. Advanced Outfielder Skills
  11. Defensive Positions in Baseball
  12. Infield Positioning and Defensive Strategy
  13. Playing First Base
  14. Outfield Positioning and Defensive Strategy
  15. Catching Basics
  16. Catcher Development
  17. Things For Catchers to Practice
  18. Tips on Turning a Double Play


  1. Learning How to Hit a Baseball
  2. Hitting Line Drives
  3. Hitting a Baseball With Power
  4. Hitting Mechanics Videos
  5. Hitting Troubleshooting Guide
  6. Basic Hitting Approach
  7. Hitting Approach in Different Situations
  8. Getting Out of a Slump


  1. Basic Pitching Mechanics
  2. Pitching Fundamentals
  3. Coaching Tips For Pitching
  4. Practicing Pitching
  5. Throwing a Bullpen Session
  6. Helping Your Son Become a Pitcher
  7. Tips For Pitchers to Throw Harder 
  8. Pitcher’s Approach By Game Situation
  9. Pitching Sequences
  10. Pitching Troubleshooting Guide
  11. Pickoff Moves
  12. Balk Guide
  13. Monitoring Pitchers and Arm Safety
  14. Pitch Counts and Recovery Times
  15. Teaching Pitchers Different Pitching Grips
  16. 10 Week Pitching Program


  1. Baserunning Fundamentals
  2. Practicing Rundown Scenarios


  1. Catcher Development
  2. Catcher’s Receiving Stances
  3. Situational Responsibilities of the Catcher
  4. Catcher Drills and Skills
  5. Catcher Tips for Receiving the Pitch
  6. Catcher Setup Tips
  7. Catcher Blocking Pitches in the Dirt
  8. Catching Basics
  9. Catcher Quiz


  1. Baseball Signs and Signals
  2. List of Trick Plays for Baseball
  3. Late Inning Strategy
  4. Baseball Situations

Skill Checklists

  1. Hitter’s Checklist
  2. Infielder Skill Checklist
  3. Outfielder Skill Checklist
  4. Baserunner Skill Checklist
  5. Preseason Skills To Practice
  6. Preseason Checklist

Baseball Rules

  1. Basic Baseball Rules
  2. Baseball Rules Cheatsheet

Practicing and Lessons

  1. Choosing a Hitting Instructor
  2. Practicing Baseball Skills at Home With Your Player

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