Become Better at the Toughest Position on the Field

DSC01824Baseball catcher drills are a very important part of a youth baseball coach’s practice. Catching, in my opinion, is the most important defensive position on a youth baseball team. It is the one player that can lose youth baseball games but can also win the with solid defense. The catcher needs to be tough, smart and athletic all at the same time. Unless you are Buster Posey or Pudge Rodriguez, catchers don’t necessarily have to be great hitters to play a lot.
The “tough” mentality must come into play because he cannot let any ball get by him. He is the backstop. This toughness and ability allow¬†the pitcher to trust his catcher will block any pitch he throws (pitcher doesn’t have to worry about wild pitches and passed balls).

The baseball catcher also needs to have a very high “baseball IQ.” He is the only defensive player that faces the rest of the team. His teammates look for him to captain the team by calling out plays and where to throw the ball. The catcher needs to be vocal with his teammates. In summary, the catcher is the ROCK on the team and everyone needs to know it!

With all of these responsibilities, this player needs to work hard on catcher drills. Baseball catching drills can be a lot of hard work, but they can also be fun! Where else can you get dirty and use your body to block and hit things? It is a great position to play!


Below are some baseball catching drills that are important at ALL levels of baseball. Even the youngest of catchers need to start hearing about blocking, setting up and their stances. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t expect really young players to be great at these skills, but they need to start hearing the terminology at that age.


The skills & drills below are for the more skilled and older baseball catchers. As a baseball catcher gets older, he must start mastering the basic skills from above and start learning the skills below. Click on each of these to see some drills to improve.

  • Relays, Cutoffs & Plays At Home
  • Signals
  • Calling Pitches In a Game
  • Covering Bases
  • Getting Along With The Umpire

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