Trick Pickoff Plays

Have center fielder sneak behind runner at second base.

Have pitcher pretend to set up out of windup but then step off with his left foot (RHP) first and pick runner off.

Fake pickoff throw to second and have middle infielders pretend the ball gets passed them into center field. When runner takes off, the pitcher throws him out at third.

Fake throw back to the pitcher.

Hidden ball trick – remember, the pitcher cannot get on the mound.

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Rounding on walks – if a team aggressively rounds first after a walk, have the catcher back pick him off first base.

First And Third Plays

Fake-To-Third, Throw-To-First Move

Fake passed ball with runner on third

Roll the ball with two outs

Fake Overthrows

Pickoff throw from Catcher overshoots first base directly to right-fielder.

Rainbow Play

Run to occupied base to cause bad throw



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