Fun Games to Improve Your Player’s Baseball Skills

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Baseball Parenting Tips: Simple Games to Improve Your Player’s Baseball Skills

Some parents may feel like they are too old or not athletic enough to help their baseball player practice. There is nothing further than the truth. Let’s take a look at some Baseball Parenting Tips for Simple Games to Improve Your Child’s Game. * All of these games can be modified to use a reduced impact safety ball or a softer ball like a tennis ball. In fact, tennis balls are very good for a young player to practice with. A glove is also optional if using a softer ball like a tennis ball.

#1 Playing Catch

Playing catch is a very simple game that doesn’t require a big area. A simple game of catch can be played in the back yard or at the park. Some mistakes we see parents make is starting too far from their player and starting with a hard baseball and inevitably their player gets injured. We recommend soft, reduced impact baseballs for new players and youngsters.

Our Favorite Reduced Impact Baseballs

Learn more: Reduced impact safety balls.

#2 Wiffle Ball

A wiffle ball and bat is a very inexpensive investment and a great way to practice with the kids. It also doesn’t require a large area due to the restricted flight of the wiffle ball. Plus, if you buy heavy duty wiffleballs like the wiffles below, you can hit them with your aluminum game bat. Great for good reps in the backyard.

Our Favorite Wiffleballs

#3 Pepper

Pepper is a fun game that helps both hand/ eye coordination in batting and fielding skills. The game can easily be modified by using a safety ball of tennis ball for backyard or open park play.

#4 Run Down

Run down, also called Running Bases, is another fun game that helps kids both catch and throw with a little pressure on them. It also helps develop some basic baserunning skills.

Cheap Rubber Throwdown Bases

#5 Wall Ball

This is the only game in which location is a bit more complicated as something to throw the ball at is required. Throwing a tennis ball at a wall and then fielding it is a great way to develop fielding skills and also reaction time (when making plays close to the wall).

#6 “Football”

This game requires at least three people-a quarterback, receiver and defender. A tennis ball or safety ball is used instead of a football. It is also more effective as a baseball learning tool if gloves are used. The QB sends the receiver out for a pass and will try to complete the pass while the defender attempts to intercept. A great way to develop outfielder skills while putting a spin on another great American game-football.

#7 Kickball

Kickball is a lot like baseball. They both share the basic concepts of defensive decision making and base running. It’s a really fun game that takes the pressure of pitching and hitting away. Kickball is a great introduction sport to baseball.

#8 Pop Ups and Grounders

This game expands on the simple game of catch. A little more area maybe required. Consider playing this game with a tennis ball and no gloves. Playing without the glove will force the child to use two hands when catching a pop up or fielding a ground ball.

Make Hitting Popups Easy

#9 Tee Ball

A batting tee might be another good investment to make. The batting tee eliminates the pitch and allows for focus on making contact with the ball as well as form. The batting tee can be utilized in the backyard by using the wiffle ball that was discussed earlier.

Our Favorite Tees

#10 Soft Toss & Batting Out of Hand

Again, using a wiffle ball will allow these activities to take place in the backyard. Under hand tossing the ball to the batter allows the focus to be on contact and form without worrying about a pitched ball. Teaching a young player to throw up a ball and then hit it is another good way to develop good batting technique.

Final Thoughts

Parents do not have to sit on the sidelines while their children practice. There are many simple, stress free baseball activities that a parent can participate in with their child. Parents who become actively involved in helping their child practice; not only make better baseball players but more importantly make their children happy.

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