A standard baseball is obviously the best when you want to simulate any normal baseball hitting or fielding drill. But they are also hard, travel farther and can do more damage, especially when practicing indoors during the offseason. That’s why soft or reduced impact baseballs are becoming more popular with coaches and players alike. You still get the standard look, feel and size of a regulation ball, but without the possibility of doing damage or hurting one of your players.

We’ve looked at some of the top reduced impact balls on the market and provided some feedback on them. Here you go.

SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs

Recommended for children and novices, these reduced impact baseballs from SKLZ are effective for training. Unlike standard regulation models with hard cores, these balls have a somewhat soft feel that protects users from injuries. They are also perfect for eliminating fear and building confidence during practice.

These baseballs have the standard circumference (9-inches) of regulation baseballs. They are also durable and have the physical and visual cues of competition-grade regulation baseballs.

Rawlings Softcore Fabric Cover Training Baseball

  • Durable training aid
  • Rawlings Product
  • Great for players of all levels
  • Quality indoor/outdoor multi-use trainer. Hit, field or throw.
  • Durable fabric cover, polyurethane soft center, and raised seams
  • Great training aid

Champro Safe-T-Soft Baseballs


– Solid foam rubber core

– Vinylon finish wind

– Synthetic cover

– High School indoor practice

– Level 5 – low compression baseball

– Raised Seam

MacGregor Unbelieva-BALL 9-Inch Baseball

Perfect for practice inside or outdoors, the ball’s soft foam core helps eliminate sting in the event of ball-and-player contact, so your athletes can hone their skills without the fear of injury. Work with your pitchers and fielders on their throwing accuracy and speed, as the raised seams make it easy to grip and control the ball. Your equipment is a reflection of your team, so keep the ball looking brand-new by machine-washing it after intense practices.

  • High-density foam core with nylon windings allows players to enjoy sting-free training sessions
  • Heavy-duty cloth cover stands up to repetitive whacks of the bat and high-velocity pitches and throws
  • Raised seams give athletes a firm grip for excellent ball control during indoor or outdoor practices
  • Machine-washable design lets you keep the ball looking and feeling like new


Soft Baseball Drills

Hitting – Soft Toss

This drill can be done indoors or outdoors. You’ll want to use a soft baseball when doing it indoors but can also use a soft baseball outdoors so that the ball won’t carry as far.

  • The person tossing the ball can get set up either to the side of the hitter or out in front
  • The goal is to throw an underhand toss into the hitting zone
  • The batter will get into their stance and stride right before the ball is thrown
  • With their weight on their back leg, the hitter will practice keeping their head on the ball and bringing the barrel of the bat to impact the ball
  • Players should continue until they make solid contact with the ball

Fielding – Soft Hands Drill

The idea with this drill is to get players using both hands, without a glove, and fielding the ball while making sure they stay in front of the ball and practice their footwork.

  • One player will throw grounders while the other will field them. Then alternate.
  • The thrower will stand 10 to 15 feet away and throw to one side and then the other. He will not throw directly to the fielder.
  • The ball should bounce at least twice
  • Fielder will move their feet to get in front of the ball and use both hands to field it
  • The thrower will then throw the next ball to the other side of the fielder
  • The fielder will work on catching the ball with soft hands and then toss back to the thrower
  • After 10 repetitions, alternate players. Goal is to field all 10 balls cleanly.


Fielding – One Hop Drill

This drill focuses on catching the short hop throw.

  • Fielder gets on their knees ready to receive a throw
  • Thrower will toss a ball that bounces just in front of the fielder
  • Using a glove, fielder will move glove to the ground and catch the ball while their top hand is positioned on top of the glove to secure the ball.
  • After 10 repetitions, alternate players. Goal is to field all 10 balls cleanly.


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