Preseason Baseball Skills Checklist

By doconnell •  Updated: 02/16/15 •  3 min read

Here is our list of things all teams need to make sure they cover before the season starts. You can download our full checklist of over 100 skills to practice at the bottom of this article.





Base Coaches


Balls in the Air

Managing the Running Game

Defensive Positioning

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Getting the Ball in From the Outfield

Pitcher and Catcher

Position Specific Skills

It is a good idea to devote time to covering position specific skills with players who play that position or the whole team if appropriate.

First Baseman

Classroom Work

As you can see from this list, there is a lot to cover during your preseason practices. Our partner Baseball Zone covers all of these topics in their preseason practice plans. Get a discount by using the code MYB.

Baseball Situations Quiz

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