Here are the defensive scenarios your team needs to work on. You can download our full checklist so you can track your team’s progress at the bottom of this article.

Bunt Defense

  • Push, Wheel and Crash
  • With Runner on 1B
  • With Runner at 2B
  • Squeeze Bunt
  • Fake Bunt/Steal
  • Bunts Down the Line
  • Special Plays

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1st & 3rd Defense

  • Regular
  • Get lead runner out at plate
  • Get backside runner out at 2B
  • Read runner at 3B and react
  • Early break at 1B
  • Ball four and break
  • Squeeze
  • Fake Bunts

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  • at 1B
  • at 2B
  • at 3B

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  • Between 1B – 2B
  • Between 2B – 3B
  • Between 3B – homeplate
  • With Multiple Runners

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Pop Ups

  • Priority Near Pitcher Mound
  • Priority Behind Infielders
  • Foul Territory and Fences

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Cutoffs and Relays

  • Calling Play – Cut, Cut and Base Number or No Call
  • Positioning
  • Options

Learn More: Cutoffs and Relays

Defensive Positioning

  • Infield In
  • Double Play
  • Corners In
  • Playing Back
  • Concede Run

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Infield Defensive Positioning

Outfield Defensive Positioning

Double Plays

  • 6-4-3
  • 4-6-3
  • 5-4-3
  • 3-6-3
  • 5-2-3
  • 1-6-3
  • 3un-6 with tag

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Tag Plays

  • Positioning
  • Blocking
  • Glovework

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Force Plays

  • Positioning
  • Footwork

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