Pitchers Throwing Bullpen Sessions

By doconnell •  Updated: 05/17/14 •  4 min read

How to Throw Effective Bullpen Sessions

Throwing bullpen sessions during the preseason and during the season are effective for working on command and pitch grips.

We recommend throwing 50%+ fastballs, 20-30% secondary pitches (Two-seam fastballs for younger pitchers, breaking balls for older pitchers) and 20% changeups.

It Starts With a Flat Ground

Flat grounds you can do anywhere any time and often are a pre-curser to your actual bullpens. When performing your flat ground you are not throwing 100 percent, and you are focused on hitting spots, throwing strikes, and practicing your off speed pitches. This is where you record your pitches and never throw much more than about 15 pitches. This is to simulate 1 inning at a time. It’s also a greta idea to keep track your pitches and see if you can throw 12 for 15 pitches strikes or even higher. Our video will dive deeper in how to effectively throw a productive flat ground.

Bullpen Sessions for Young Pitchers

15-25 pitches

Bullpen Pitch Sequences

4 FB, 4 Two-Seam, 4 Changeups, 4 FB

For a Right Handed Pitcher

Bullpen Before a Game- (youth players)

Bullpen Sessions

Change up your bullpen progressions to keep it challenging and interesting for your pitchers.

Bullpen Session Tips

Incorporate a Slide Step

Be in better control of the game while using the slide step. It’s a skill that will mess with hitters timing and allow your catcher to better throw people out on the bases. Watch our video below to know more!

Importance of the Follow Thru

This is something that will help gain velocity and at the same time put less stress on your arm if done correctly. This is an absolute must if you want to throw harder and more accurate. A good follow through will also set you up in a good ready stance after the ball is thrown so that you can defend a ball hit back at you in the field. For other great tips on how to properly follow thru, look at our video below!

Recovery Times

Know how durable your arm is and avoid overthrowing. Recovery times can vary from person to person but all arms get tired and need to recuperate if stressed the right way. This video dives into the talk about how you can throw everyday and how to keep your arm healthy along the way. A rest day could be the best thing for your arm some days.

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