Baseball Basics

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Defensive Positions in Baseball

Teaching Basic Pitching Mechanics

Infield Basics and Fundamentals

Outfield Basics and Fundamentals

Teaching a New Player How to Catch a Baseball

Baserunning Fundamentals

Essential Equipment for Your Baseball Player

Answers to Common Baseball Questions

Can a Fielder Block a Base?

Who Covers Second Base On a Steal?

What Happens if a Batted Ball Hits a Runner?

What is a Dropped Third Strike?

Turning a Double Play With a Ball Hit Back to the Pitcher

Who Covers Second on a Ball to the Pitcher?

Tagging Up On Bobbled Ball

Does the Baserunner Need to Return to the Base In Between Each Pitch?

Can Baserunner Go Back to Previous Base?

Should a Shortstop Back Up a Throw to 3rd on a Steal?

Can a Player Backup the Catcher on an Intentional Walk?

Catching a Ball Near the Dead Ball Area

Fair or Foul?

Not Announcing a Substitute Batter

Dropping a Ball During Pitching Delivery

Is a Triple Steal Possible?

Choice to Bat First or Last

Batter Interference on a Steal

Who Gets RBI on Steal of Home?

Breaking Up a Double Play

Removed Force on a Double Play

What Does 4-6-3 Mean in Baseball?


Fear of Getting Hit By a Pitch

Batting Cages Versus Live Pitching

Essential Gear For Your Player

Swinging a Bat With a Doughnut on it

How to Calculate On-Base Percentage (OBP)

How to Calculate the Opposing Teams Batting Average

What is a Quality At Bat (QAB)?


Coaching Baseball

Baseball Lineup Rotation

Preseason Baseball Skills Checklist

Baseball Situations to Teach a Team

Practicing With Heavy Balls

Tips on Turning a Double Play