Developing Catchers

Catching fundamentals are important. Catching is the physically most demanding position on a baseball team. Let’s take a look at some Baseball Coaching Tips For Developing a Catcher that will help the team have a solid presence behind the plate.
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Teaching Young Pitchers

Teaching a young player to pitch can be very challenging for both the novice and experienced baseball coach. Pitching is a lot more about proper mechanics than it is strictly about just throwing a baseball.
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Developing Outfielders

When putting together a baseball team, a mistake that novice and veteran coaches need to avoid is minimizing the importance of the outfield. How to properly outfielders is an essential part of coaching a baseball team.
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A New Season, A New Website

Welcome to the NEW This website has all the great content from and new content only on this website like our Defensive Situational Responsibilities By Baseball Positions articles. My Youth Baseball


Welcome to the simplest youth baseball site on the Internet. The original goal of this site was to give baseball enthusiasts (coaches, players, parents and fans) a place to find easy-to-understand information about the game of baseball. Today, that is still my goal but the site has grown bigger than once imagined. Please enjoy the site, ask questions, read coaching tips, interact with other visitors and simply have some fun. Don’t forget to sign up for my Newsletter E-Zine and receive your free baseball lineup rotation template (great tool for youth coaches!). Have a great day!

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Essential Equipment for Your Baseball Player

Having a baseball player in the family can be an exciting time. For parents, it can also be a little confusing when it comes to buying equipment. The biggest question that needs answering is “What equipment is really important to have?” Let’s try to answer that question by taking a look at some Baseball Parenting Tips for Essential vs Non Essential Equipment for Your Baseball Player.

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15 Tips for Choosing a Professional Hitting Instructor

1. Won’t Try to Make Your Player Fit Into a System Be weary of any instructor who feels all hitters fit into the same old. It is extremely difficult to change a swing and choosing an instructor who wants to spend your valuable time and money on adapting a new...

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11 Tips For Baseball Parents

When a child comes home with a baseball flyer it can be an exciting time for the parents. It can also being confusing and a source of anxiety for parents who have never signed up their child for an organized sport before. They may have a lot of questions and concerns. Let’s take a look at some Baseball Parenting Tips for Being Supportive that will answer a lot of the basics of becoming a brand new baseball parent!

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Baseball Situations to Teach a Youth Baseball Team

Teaching a youth baseball team about baseball situations is one of the top priorities a coach should have! Have you ever watched a very talented youth baseball team that wasn’t winning? There is a very good chance that the coach may be just “riding” the talent and not coaching his players about the game…

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Teaching Basic Pitching Mechanics

Teaching a young player to pitch can be very challenging for both the novice and experienced baseball coach. Pitching is a lot more about proper mechanics than it is strictly about just throwing a baseball. There are kids with great arms that won’t necessarily be great pitchers.

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Pitching Drills That You Should Use!

Baseball pitching drills need to be used at each and every practice for your pitchers. I learned early on, as a youth baseball coach, that pitching is probably the most important component of a successful baseball team.

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New Book by Mike Matheny

Mike was asked to coach a youth baseball team and wrote a series of conditions he demanded before agreeing to be with the team. The document was quickly shared virally across the country, at the youth level, high school, college and beyond….and became known as the “Matheny Manifesto.”

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Teaching Pitchers Different Pitch Grips

What Pitches Should I Teach My Players? Every player wants to learn a variety of pitches and every coach loves calling for that out pitch with two strikes. Interesting things can be done by just working on a variety of pitching grips. Changeups and the different...

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Baseball Zone

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Baseball Zone helps you plan practices quickly, giving you a solid practice plan in no time. These are some of the same drills we used at the major league level.

Mike MacFarlane Catcher – Former Kansas City Royals Player & Owner of Mac-N-Seitz Baseball Academy