Cooperstown Dreams Park Trip Tips

By Dan O'Connell •  Updated: 06/28/19 •  1 min read

Registration. Divide responsibilities among all families.
Can get in at 6pm Friday.
You drive in and drop gear and drive out.
Bring all Dragon clothes etc. represent at practice nights etc.
Cheap flip flops for shower only.
No lunch Saturday
Uniform line moves really slow. Go early or late.
Try uniforms on Friday night. Exchange Sat first thing.
Bring heavy duty lock for team equipment. Keep cleats in there too because they smell.
Just need one 3×6 banner to walk and display. Nowhere to hang on dugouts.
Bring hooks for bunk beds.
Something warm to sleep in.
Bring hangers and camp chair.
Play podcast or audio.
We hit and threw for 1.5 hours on Sat around noon. Had room for MaxBP and heavies too.
Practice around the horn plus.
Pins. Bring one per team. Consider an alternate – maybe for sponsorship goals.
Limit family time. Kids are there to be a team plus time is packed.

Dan O'Connell