Covering all your bases at a youth sports parent preseason baseball meeting is imperative for a successful season!

I have learned, over my years of experience, that dealing with parents can make or break a season. A successful tip I can give you is to be VERY HONEST during your pre-season team meeting with coaches, players and parents. Read through my Team Expectations Packet and feel free to add or delete what you choose.

Be Prepared!

Have an outline (click here for a template you could use at your meeting!) of things that have to be covered at the meeting. Below is a list of things that I cover:

Show Your Personality

After the team meeting with your players and their youth sports parent, have some fun! Either just let the coaches, parents and players mingle or plan a fun outing for everyone. You might as well get to know everyone… You are going to be spending lots of time with them during the season!

If you are prepared, honest and take the time to show your team who YOU are, then consider your season off to a good start!

Please let me know if you have any other tips I could include on this web site. I am always looking for more good information!