Getting your player the proper baseball equipment and getting it ready for the season is a key step for your player being successful and having fun. Here our are tips in our baseball equipment guide.


As a parent, I always hate one part of youth baseball season. Purchasing of youth baseball equipment! In today’s world, it seems like everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses. In order to do that, youth baseball could get very expensive.

Essential Baseball Equipment

View our guide on essential baseball equipment to determine what equipment you should buy and what is not necessary to buy. Our guide covers baseball gear and accessories. While certain things are must-haves, there are fun items that will make your player feel like a real pro. Great ideas for gifts as well.

Essential Baseball Equipment For Your Player

Tips For Baseball Equipment

Knowing enough about baseball equipment puts your player in a better place to be successful.

Break in Your Baseball Glove Early and Correctly

The best time to break in a baseball glove is probably the season before. Use the next glove while playing catch in the yard.

More Info: Breaking In a Baseball Glove

Examine Your Current Baseball Equipment

Take your time each year to go through your Baseball Equipment before purchasing new stuff. Is it wore out? Does it fit? Would it work for a younger sibling? Once you are ready, then buy what your player needs. Be sure to research any piece of equipment before purchasing. You could save substantial money!

Baseball Equipment For Practicing in the Yard

While I believe getting a baseball player outside at anytime doing anything baseball related is a good thing, there are better ways to practice at home than others.


One of my favorite pieces of gear is the MaxBP Wiffleball Pitcher. I actually own two.

Learn more about the MaxBP Pitching Machine and see our great MaxBP drills here:

MaxBP Pitching Machine

Does a Baseball Player Need New Gear Every Year?

Remember that it is not the baseball equipment for kids that makes the baseball player… It is the talent level, hard work, dedication, etc. that makes the player! If you look hard, you can find cheap baseball equipment for your kids.

Your athlete may THINK he needs to have everything AND needs it brand new every year. That’s NOT the case! Players don’t necessarily need a new baseball bat or new cleats every year. They definitely don’t need a new Baseball Glove every year! The keys are to make sure he takes care of all his Baseball Equipment, that it fits, and is still functional.

Do You Need a Bat Weight?

Bat weights have lovers and haters. Watch our video to decide for yourself:

More Info: Baseball Bat Weights

Below is a list of items that every baseball player needs. It doesn’t need to be new each year, but every baseball player needs these things:


Are you a huge baseball fan and want to have all types of baseball equipment? If so, there are higher end types of Baseball Equipment that a youth baseball parent or youth baseball coach may choose to buy for their athlete. These things are a bit more expensive, but definitely nice if you want your ball player to develop into a much better player. Below is a list of these items:

Just remember that these pieces of Baseball Equipment are not necessary. These would be purchases that both you, the parent or coach, AND the baseball player would need to commit to before buying. We wouldn’t want to spend all that money and have it just sit there!


To summarize, don’t stress when the time to buy youth baseball equipment comes around each year. Take the time to do an inventory of what you already have that will work and then decide what other Baseball Equipment you might want to purchase. You may end up not HAVING to buy anything or you may end up WANTING to buy a lot. Or BOTH… Especially if you love the game of baseball like I do!

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Do you know the essentials of baseball situations with runners on and the ball put in play? Take our baseball situations quiz and test your knowledge!

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