By colin99 •  Updated: 10/04/14 •  3 min read

During my experience as a youth baseball coach, many parents have inquired about youth baseball camps and whether they should spend the money to send their kid. I answer those questions very carefully because I feel that many youth baseball players already have access to a great youth baseball camp and instructor… Their own youth baseball coach and team practice!

Over the course of my years coaching the sport I love, I have seen too many players waste time and money attending expensive baseball camps. I felt that way because most of the time, the baseball player’s very own coach would have been willing to work extra with him for free!

Most youth baseball camps are extremely expensive and may not even give your child one-on-one instruction. Camps that devote one-on-one time with knowledgeable coaches are extremely effective, but also very costly. You have to weigh the benefits with the costs.

In my experience, what drives me nuts about the camp thing is that I, and other co-coaches, have always been willing to stay after practice to work with individuals. Many times, youth players refuse to do this because of the extra work. Then I see their parents paying big bucks to send them to baseball camp! That really frustrates me…

So, before you pay big bucks for your kid to attend a baseball camp, ask yourself these questions:

Lastly, if you do decide to send your child to a baseball camp, be sure to research different options. Ask your son’s coach, ask the camp for referrals, look for online reviews, and visit the facility if you can. Just be sure to do your homework in order for your player to get the best baseball training he can receive.

NOTE: This page may seem like I have nothing good to say about baseball camps and that is NOT true. There are many camps that are affordable and will help develop your youth baseball player. My goal is to make sure you research your options and make sure your kid really wants to improve his baseball skills.