Finding useful youth baseball bat reviews can be difficult for many reasons. Most hitters have different preferences on how the bat feels in his hand, so one youth baseball player might rate a bat wayyyy different than another. Some baseball players like the bat to have a large handle and some like a thin bat handle. Some players like top-heavy bats while others don’t.

Bat reviews basically come down to a couple things. Did the baseball bat manufacturer develop a bat that is durable and won’t break? And… If the bat does break, what kind of warranty does the bat have?

Most of the “high end” youth baseball bats are very durable and have the same type of “pop.” Youth bat reviews will be helpful if the particular bat breaks or dents easily. The bat reviews will also help you see what types of bat warranties there are with manufacturers.

To make a long story short, make sure to bring your baseball player to the store when you are purchasing a bat. Let him feel some bats, swing them and tell you which bats feel best to him. After you have a list of bats that feel good, then go and find some youth bat review web sites. Find out which manufacturers are rated higher and then shop around for the best prices.

If you follow this type of purchasing process, both you and your baseball player will feel much better about the purchase. You will find a bat that feels good, is durable and one that fits in your budget!

Please let me know if you have any questions about baseball bat reviews or how to purchase one.