By colin99 •  Updated: 10/02/14 •  1 min read

by Barry Curry
(Osborne, Kansas )

Offensive team has entered a substitute batter in the batting order without telling anyone, including the umpire or any score keepers. With the count 2 balls and one strike, the defensive team appeals the batter that has entered the game. This is a Peewee Game that uses a few of their own rules, but none pertain to this situation. All other rules are MLB.

My take is the illegal batter is out, and the proper batter comes to the plate with a 2 and one count.


Great question!

After doing some research, I am surprised to find out that, in this situation, there would be no outs recorded. The umpire would simply replace the current batter with the proper batter and the proper batter would have the current count of 2-1.

There are many situations that would incur different results. It simply depends when it is called.

I would love to hear comments on this. I have never seen this happen in a game. Submit your experiences and thoughts below.