Who Covers Second Base On a Steal?

By admin •  Updated: 09/27/13 •  2 min read

When the runner on first base is stealing second, who should take the throw at second?

The Coach’s Answer

Thanks for the good question. Typically, it depends on if there is a right handed or left handed batter up. If there is a right handed batter up, then the 2nd baseman would cover 2nd base. If there is a left handed batter up, then the shortstop would cover 2nd base. So, the 2nd baseman covers 2nd base when a player is trying to steal. If the batter is left-handed, the opposite occurs.

There may be times when a coach will change that coverage based on the percentages of a certain hitter or if the coach thinks there is a good chance the offensive team is going to try to execute a hit and run. On a hit and run, the right-handed batter typically tries to hit a ground ball to the vacated hole the 2nd baseman leaves when the base-runner is trying to steal 2nd base. The opposite happens when a left-handed batter tries to execute a hit and run.

These are the type of questions I love. They are also the reason I love teaching this game I love to kids. They are a sponge and want to learn as much of the game as possible. Thanks again and please comment below with questions or comments.

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