Ultimate Guide for New Baseball Players

By staff •  Updated: 03/20/17 •  3 min read

Here are sections for the ultimate guide for new baseball players. As before, I’ve broken them down by sections and added links to relevant articles.

Baseball Fundamentals

Players new to baseball have much to learn about the game. And it’s important that it starts with the fundamentals of each part of the game. Coaches will need to work with them on hitting, fielding, pitching, throwing and baserunning among others.

Also, a player new to the game may not know which position they are best suited for. Well, we have articles that covers many of the fundamentals of baseball. It’s probably a good place to start. Check us out.


Learning the Game

Never assume that players are aware of all they need to know in baseball situations, especially players new to the game. You’ll hear a lot of people around baseball talking about how a player needs to “think” the game.

That can start with them learning what to do in baseball situation. We have put together a list of baseball quizzes that can help prepare your new player to think through and understand different aspects of baseball. Give these quizzes a try.


Do You Know “How To”

There are many different parts to baseball that players need to learn. However, many times even the most basic skills go without being taught. For instance, are you really learning the correct way to catch a flyball? Or do you know how to slide properly? Or when to use the correct slide in a given game situation?

It’s fair to say that many coaches don’t teach these basics and therefore many players don’t get to learn them. We have a few of them covered for you. Here you go.




Drill, Drills, Drills

What is the old saying? Practice makes perfect. Well, it’s not really any different for a new baseball player. First, knowing the correct mechanics and learning the right way to do something, and second, practicing and then practicing some more.

Drills are a perfect way to put some structure around these practice sessions. It could be hitting, pitching, fielding or working out indoors, here are some drills we recommend for any player.


General Tips for the New Player

Although it’s important for players who aren’t new to the sport, it’s especially important for players new to the game to make sure they know how to compete but also keep the game fun.

How they conduct themselves on the field and how they get prepared to play are important pieces to making it a game they want to come back and play again. Here are a few articles that can provide some tips for new players.


Working Through Challenges