Ultimate Guide for Coaching Baseball

By staff •  Updated: 03/20/17 •  4 min read

Below is the ultimate guide for coaches. Each section has a preview and then a link to all of the relevant articles.

Having Great Practices

A baseball practice is a time for teaching. It’s also a time you in which you want to make the most out of. You probably only get a few hours a week to work with your team so you want to make sure all players are involved as well as learning during that time.

It’s important that you have a plan and that you make the practice a challenging one for the players. Know what you are going to do going in and make sure you use the help from your assistants. We have some tips for you that may help make your practices the best they can be.


Learn the Coaching Fundamentals

If you’re a new coach or even an experienced one, it can never hurt to revisit the fundamentals of coaching baseball. I mean, if you don’t know how to handle a game situation, how will you be able to teach your players what to do. And during a long offseason away from baseball, you may just need a refresher.

We recommend you check out these links below and get ready for the season.


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Developing Your Players

One of a baseball coach’s primary goals throughout the course of a season is to continue to develop their players. Your hope is that through your instruction and guidance, your players will improve as they learn more about their position.

We have some guides that can get you moving in the right direction. Check out a few of these by clicking on the following links.


And make sure they know the basic baseball rules of baseball:


And teach them full baseball rules when they advance to that level:



It’s Gameday

Now that it’s the day of the game, coaches need to have their team ready but also be able to manage what’s happening in the game. Getting your team properly ready, determining game strategy and dealing with umpires are all a part of gameday.

Here are a few articles that can help you be ready.


Be Prepared for Tryouts

Tryouts come early and are an important part of building your team. Make sure you’re prepared to conduct tryout sessions that can truly help you evaluate the players so that you have the best understanding of each player who competed.

We’ve put together a list of 14 tips that will help you make your baseball tryouts successful. In addition, our staff has created some player evaluation forms as well as some tryout drills that you’ll want to have as you begin to grade each player’s tryout performance. Give it a look.


Get Ready For Next Year

Offseason and preseason practices and training are the perfect time to get stronger, more skilled and smarter. Give your team a head start by “Winning” the offseason with these articles.

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