Tips on Turning a Double Play

By doconnell •  Updated: 01/10/15 •  3 min read

Turning a double play can get you two quick outs and get your team out of a jam. Turning a double play becomes less difficult if you execute the proper fundamentals and can adjust for the different variables of the play like throw location. Below are the tips you need to know to turn a double play.

Set Up For a Double Play For Player at Second

Arrive at second base as quickly as possible and give your partner a good target. The best place to set up to receive the ball on a double play is on the backside of the bag. This allows you to use the base as a barrier between you and the baserunner. It also gives you the most room for adjusting for the throw, resetting your feet and getting a good throwing lane.

The Double Play Setup For Fielding Player

Set up to field the ball a little more open towards the base if possible. Bring the ball out of the glove in a way that your partner can see the ball. Clear the glove from your partners line of vision so they can see the ball well before the underhand feed.

The Double Play Feed From Shortstop

Know where your double play partner likes to receive the ball and deliver the feed to that spot. If they like to receive the ball on the backside of the bag deliver the feed there. Where the ball is fed will dictate where the player trying to turn the double-play will go and either increase or decrease the chances of being able to quickly turn a double play.

The Double Play Feed From The Second Baseman.

Instead of an underhand flip, sometimes the second baseman employs a shuffle pass pushing the ball to the shortstop at second base.

The Internal Clock

Factors like how hard the ball is hit and the speed of the runners will dictate how quickly you need to turn the double-play. A player should have an internal clock in his head that tells him whether he needs to rush or if he has time to reset his feet and make a good throw from second base.

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