by Tim Brown Baseball –
(St. Paul, MN)

Many younger kids even up to High School throw with a twist on the ball from all positions. They need to learn how to throw in a straight line.

Goal: This drill will teach players how to throw the ball in a straight line with tight rotation and also teaches the kids about how a ball reacts on two bounces so they can perfect their throws.

Drill: Line kids on 3rd base and have them throw a one and or two bouncer home. Have them throw and try to keep the ball bouncing on the foul line. If the rotation is poor, the ball will not go to home plate (It will go left or right). If the throw is good, it will bounce 1, 2, or even 3 times and still land at home plate.

Outfield Drill: Have all the kids move to about 160 ft-180 ft on the found line. Throw line drives home from the outfield foul line. Again 1, 2 or 3 bouncers and they can see how straight they throw.

Make it fun: You can place the coaches hat on the foul line and have the kids hit it! Another option and what is really fun are bags of seeds, candy bars or even 1.00 bills on the foul line. WHY???? Kids will concentrate and it’s exciting to win items.