Runner on Third Base

By doconnell •  Updated: 05/17/14 •  1 min read

With no one outBuntSqueeze and a runner on third base, a bunt is being used for the purpose of scoring a run. This bunt would have to be coming up the first base line because bunting up the third base line would be a huge risk. The worst case scenario for the base runner in this situation is if the ball is bunted too hard back at the pitcher or is popped up. If the runner is going hard trying to advance then they could get thrown out or doubled off. Again, the bunt would be less likely with one out and a lot less likely with two outs.

First Base: Charge in toward the bunt

Second Base: Go to cover first base

Short Stop: Go to cover third

Third Base: Charge in towards the bunt

Pitcher: Charge towards bunt

Catcher: Move towards the bunt

Outfielders: Charge in towards the infield to back up and cover bases