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A sport mom or dad can be of huge assistance to you and your team or they can be a huge distraction and source of stress during the year. Every one of your players will come from a different home and background so, with that, you need to know that each set of parents will be different also.

Some parents will be easy to work with and you many not even know they are there. They simply let their kid play the game and they are the spectator. Some others will respectfully question you about your coaching philosophies and watch all of your practices and games (that is not necessarily bad). However, there are others that may be totally off-the-wall inappropriate and have crazy expectations about the season and their child. Be ready for any sport mom & dad, but really be ready for the sports parent with crazy expectations!

If you have a question that deals with a sports parenting or if you are a parent and have a question about a coach, submit it below. Coach Henze will answer your question right away!

If you are simply looking to read stories about youth sports parenting, please feel free to browse the stories/questions below. They are very good and some are controversial. Be sure to read the comments and add your own!


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Letter From a Youth Baseball Coach

. Puts a volunteer coaching job into perspective for the people that complain all the time!

You should also read our guest blogger, Lamar Hull, article on sportsmanship where he highlights

Armando Galarraga


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Questions From Other Visitors

Click below to see questions from other baseball coaches and fans… You will also see the answer to them!

Is my son being treated unfairly? Is the coach being unethical?

My son had a pretty good JV baseball season as a freshman. Stats from my husband: 532 batting average, 80% on base, 18 rbis, only 6 strikeouts all season. …

Should an 8 year old boy be allowed to play in the Major League Division with 12 and 13 year old players?

Good morning,

I wanted to reach out to you and get your opinion on an issue I am dealing with. I am the President of a Youth Baseball League with approximately …

Youth Coaching and Sports in a bad light…

Below is comment I added to the end of a mid-season survey for our local youth football league. What are your thoughts?

On my son’s team this season, …

Politics In Baseball

As a parent of a JV baseball player in a rural county, I am extremely frustrated by the politics in baseball and brown-nosing that goes on with our team. …

College Baseball Recruiting

Are you involved in college baseball recruiting?

There are many people who claim they can help your kid get exposure to college scouts and potentially …

How to deal with troubled decent player and his parents?

I have been assistant coach for 2 years on this team. Head coach has been there for 4 years. This year my father and another parent joined our coaching …

Conflict between my son and his coach

This is the second year my son is playing fastball. He pitched last year as well, played left, right field and played 3rd a few times.

During the beginning …

How would you respond to this baseball parent’s irate email?

The following email was received the morning after a game. Immediately after the game, I was verbally abused by the player’s mother in front of the players …

Bad Parents and Sports

I am a dad of a coach-pitch 8U player. Our team is new this season and we are struggling to get out of the hole, power rating wise. We had a low power …

My Son Is Not Getting Enough Playing Time

My son plays on a U10 competitive baseball team (single A). He is a little behind with his skills compared to the other players, but he is improving and …

Dealing With Youth Baseball Parents

I am currently coaching a Little League Minor team comprised of 8, 9, & 10 year old baseball players. The guardian of one of the players is already questioning …

Parent+Player+Coach+Private Instructor = recipe for disaster?

Not rated yet

what are some of the questions parents should ask before engaging a private instructor for their young player? What other factors are vital in a successful …

Is it ever OK or excusable for a coach to use profanity with his/her team?

Not rated yet

I was sent an email outlining a football coach in TN who went bonkers on his team. Apparently there was a reason for this explosion but that reason remains …

How to deal with a coach who has more negatives to yell then positves to say?

Not rated yet

We have an excellent x’s and o’s coach. He knows the game well. He played Division I college baseball. He always has a great message but has poor delivery. …

Should I ask my son’s baseball coach these questions?

Not rated yet

Just wanted to see if I did the right thing with my son’s situation.

My son played JV as a freshman. He had highest batting average on team, batting …

Dealing With Difficult Baseball Players

Not rated yet

My Background:
First year coaching 26 years old I have 20 years experience in baseball. I have a 10 year old baseball player on the team that seems …

Was Email To Baseball Coach Bad?

Not rated yet

I have a wedding on the same day as my son has a baseball game. He gets benched for the following game of the one he missed. We are very serious about …


Click here to write your own.


Bad Coaching Questions?

Do you think you are a reasonable parent and your son’s coach is a bit unreasonable? This situation happens a lot also… If you are a sport mom or dad and think this is the case, you can also submit your question above and Coach Henze will answer that.

Just like there are bad sports parents, there are also many bad coaches in today’s world. I am not talking about being bad because they don’t know the sport they are coaching. I am talking about an adult coach being bad because they teach/model poor behavior. Arguing with umpires, other coaches, parents and even players is a sign that a person should not be coaching our youth!

If you have a question about this topic, please submit it above also.

A Perfect Season – By Dan Clemens

One of the best books I have ever read about dealing with adults in youth sports is called ”

A Perfect Season

” by Dan Clemens. The youth baseball program in the I currently live in purchased a copy for every coach in their program.

Do yourself a favor and learn more about Dan Clemens and his

Perfect Season


Is There A Solution To “Bad” Adults In Youth Sports?

There isn’t a real easy solution to getting rid of “bad” adults in youth sports. People are always going to be different and there are always going to be inappropriate adults.

The best way to deal with stressful adults in youth sports is to keep your cool and have a plan. As a coach, be prepared for your parents during the season and ALWAYS keep your cool!

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