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by anonymous

My son had a pretty good JV baseball season as a freshman. Stats from my husband: 532 batting average, 80% on base, 18 rbis, only 6 strikeouts all season. It was obvious he was one of three top bats on the team and we thought likely the top bat to be honest. However, when spring awards rolled around, my son not only didn’t get recognized – the standard certificate they handed out had his brother’s name on it, a brother who is a track athlete and has never played baseball. The defensive MVP award went to the catcher who was out at least 1/3 of the season’s games due to a concussion he got while catching. The offensive MVP went to the other of the three “hitters” on the team. So we thought we were wrong, our son did not have the top bat. We said nothing, just like we said nothing the year before when our son got cut as an eighth grader (while six eighth graders from the local travel team made it). Older boys approached my older son and told them that our son clearly should have been on the team from what they saw at the tryout. So our son joined the travel team that Spring and becomes one of the top bats playing along side half the JV team he got cut from. We said nothing.

Back to this year: School starts back up this fall and the varsity head coach’s wife approaches my brother’s girlfriend (they both work at the same elementary school) and says to her “Let’s get this out of the way right now, >>>>> did not make the team as an eighth grader because he wasn’t good enough and he doesn’t have near the batting stats he thought he had on JV this past spring.” Mouth is hanging open when my brother tells me this. Why does she know his stats and especially how did she know what we thought they were in the Spring? I called her up and told her that I realized her and my brother’s girlfriend did not get along, but to please leave my son and his baseball out of it. We were cordial — I could tell I caught her off guard and there was some serious back pedaling going on. I still said nothing to anyone else.

Then Fall Ball starts, the varsity coach puts my son on the “B” team with one other sophomore that didn’t even play during JV and he puts the rest of the sophomores on the “A” team. Kids he clearly outhit in the Spring. Also, my son hears that the defensive MVP and offensive MVP have their baseball stats directly in email from the JV head coach. So, my son asks me to email the coach for his. I do and two weeks go by — no answer. So, I tell my son to ask the coach from his own email address. He does and the coach replies to him, but says there are other unfilled requests ahead of him and the first weeks of school are really busy and he will get them to his stats when he has free time. Okay — we know the stats are done because the assistant JV baseball coach is also the B team fall ball coach and he told my son and I that his stats were right up there for offensive MVP and that the player that got the award was just a little more consistent(?). Three more weeks go by and still no stats. My son is hurt that his friends/teammates have their stats and he can’t seem to get his official version from the coach. What should I do? If I go the principal with this outrageous story it will probably only come back to hurt my son. The JV coach was really fair to him during the JV spring coach. He sat out the first three games of the season, but once the coach got a glimpse of how he could hit my son never sat the bench again. The assistant JV coach has also been really fair to him on the Fall Ball team. I think the unfair treatment is coming from varsity and I feel like I have cause to go to the principle, but I don’t want to make trouble for JV even though I think the head is also doing wrong. Please keep in mind, my son is awesome in the field as well, not just a hitter. The fall ball coach even pitched him the other day and he did well. Any suggestions? This situation is really bothering my son and I.