by Marty Schupak
(Valley Cottage, NY)

Over 35 creative drills included!

Over 35 creative drills included!

A coach will toss two balls at the same time: one high and one low. Instead of the coach yelling out a distinguishable color for the batter to strike, he/she will tell the batter to hit either the “low” ball or “high” ball. Concentration is one of the attributes that make up great hitters, and these Toss Drill variations are key to improving a batter’s focus and concentration because they help with zeroing in on a specific target.

For more advanced players, coaches can yell out “middle” when they toss a high and low ball. In this case, the batter must swing in between the two tossed balls. If some of these drills are too advanced for some of your players, do not overwhelm them with something they cannot handle.

Parents and coaches must use their judgment. Be sure to mix difficult drills with fun and easy drills so that players can build confidence and achieve success. Players’ skill levels are extremely disparate between the ages of 7-12 years of age, so it is very important to know your players.