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As a baseball fanatic, I wish I would have had Pop Toss Batting Tee when I was a kid! During my youth, I was always looking for someone to pitch to me so I could hit the baseball. I was the oldest kid in my family, so I really didn’t have anyone to help me out during the day with baseball. Boring…

If I would have had a soft toss machine like this, my problems would have been solved! I could have worked on my hitting skills anytime I wanted to.

My Youth Baseball recommends that you take a look at all the information about these soft toss machines below. You will be amazed at how simple they are and what a benefit they could be for any baseball player!



This soft toss machine is a spring loaded, piston driven batting tee or soft toss machine. It doesn’t use electricity or batteries and is completely self contained. The timer on this tool is adjustable as well as the height and spin on the popped ball. The Pop Toss allows individuals to practice hitting by themselves, with a friend or with their team at home with a net or in the middle of a field. It provides instant feedback for coaches trying to evaluate their player’s swings and stances. The Pop Toss batting tee is the perfect soft-toss machine, popping a ball to the batter as often as he or she can load it. Whatever bat-and-ball sport you play, PopToss has a machine designed for you. There are four models:

NOTE: Due to MYB’s relationship with Cal and Denny from Pop Toss, you can use the code “MYB” and receive a $7 discount on your purchase (that code is case sensitive).

Watch this video:


The Pop Toss allows a hitter to take his/her time, like stepping into the batters box in a game. It can be adjusted to simulate all types of pitches and locations, all while providing that crucial “Late Movement” through the strike zone (Like the break on a pitch). The action of going from a coiled batting stance to an explosive and controlled swing is the “muscle memory” that is important in a game situation. It allows for the player to do this by themselves, leaving the coach able to watch and correct any number of players depending on how many machines they have at their disposal. This tool costs as much as a decent stationary tee and you could buy 6 or 8 Poptoss machines for the same amount as one soft-toss machine. These machines are so lightweight and compact (they fit in a bat bag or in a bucket) you can take them anywhere, which can be a real time saver for time-limited coaches like myself.

Be sure to visit the different PopToss Models pages (above and on the right side of this page) to make sure you get the correct one.


I often find myself running practices by myself. I`ve got 14 players that not only need to get their hitting in but also good quality swings. That’s when I bring out my poptoss tees. I can work on inside/outside,high/low,curve balls and even change-ups. I can have 3, 4 or even 5 batters at a time and I`m free to watch each ones swings. Each week I will try to include a new drill that I work with my players.

I live in the Chicago-Land area and have been using the Poptoss for 2 years now. I play on a Slow-Pitch Softball team and my son is now in Tee-Ball moving towards Little League. I use the Poptoss tee at home by myself and with my team on a field. My son loves using the Poptoss all the time at home, and hitting off of it in front of a net is second only to me pitching to him.

I’ve got a Slow-Pitch team that can never get enough guys together outside a game, to even come close to a scrimmage type practice. We started using the poptoss with just two or three guys. One person hits using the poptoss and the other guys shag. This helps batting practice move along. Instead of having a pitcher while the batter hits and then both going out to collect balls, one or two guys can shag while the batter hits.

Love the new green tee, I use it all the time at home. I hang up a blanket in the garage and hit for hours it’s good for practice, exercise or when I’m stressed out.

Lovin this new poptoss, I got it poppin up about 8 feet and I’m starting to crank the ball now. Nothin out there does what this thing does and it’s a blast to use. Good job on the new website and thanks for helpin out the slowpitch guys.

I love my new poptoss. I coach 10-12 year olds and trying to get them to stop hitting and give someone else a try is the challenge now. Just one more coach.


NOTE: Due to MYB’s relationship with Cal and Denny from Pop Toss, you can use the code “MYB” and receive a $7 discount on your purchase (that code is case sensitive).

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