How may consecutive games can a pitcher pitch?


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In Major League Baseball, there is no rule for how many consecutive games a pitcher can pitch. In youth baseball, each league has it’s own rules, but there is almost always a limit as to how much a pitcher can pitch.

The pitching limits are different depending on the age level. Many leagues are starting to look at pitch counts also during games vs. innings pitched. This makes sense as one pitcher may only throw a handful of pitches in an inning where another might struggle and throw 40-50 or more in an inning.

When it comes right down to it, coaches and parents need to use common sense. The throwing motion is not a natural motion for an arm, so there will be some stress put on it. The human body is amazing if you use it correctly and allow it time to rest and heal. It will continue to get stronger and stronger if you allow that. Overuse could cause issues in kids for the rest of their lives. You should always error on the side of caution.

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