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If you are a youth sports parent, you need to be organized and make sure your athlete has all of his/her protective equipment. This is my story about my mom, who now LOVES baseball, and her education (my expense) on protective cups for youth baseball players.

For us guys, we know what it is like to get hit in the groin. It hurts! I found out just how much it can hurt when I was in 2nd grade… This is a story about me. I still give my mom a hard time about it. 🙂

It was my third year of playing organized baseball, but it was the first year that we had pitchers and catchers. As a kid, I really don’t remember what my coach told my parents about the type of equipment we needed. I just wanted to play baseball! In hindsight, I guess I should have been more active in that discussion…

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On a summer day at our elementary school’s baseball field, we were playing youth baseball. I loved this game and was really excited because I was going to be the catcher that day. For a youth baseball player, that was really cool because you got to put all the catcher’s equipment on. Catcher’s equipment made you look tough!

Well, I found out about three innings into the game that I wasn’t wearing a very important piece of equipment that EVERY player needs… especially the catcher! That missing piece of equipment was the protective cup! I was playing catcher when an opposing player hit a foul ball into the dirt. The ball bounced up and hit me right in the groin!

All I remember is falling to the ground from my catcher’s crouch and saying, “Ohhhh!!!!” The next thing I remember was that my coach was at my side asking me if I had a “nut cup” on. In a high pitched voice, I said, “Nope!”

My Mom came out to home plate and asked me if I was doing ok. I said I would be fine, but I was clearly hurting. It was then that I heard my mom embarrassed for the first time in my life… Coach told her that she REALLY needed to go out and purchase a “nut cup” for me. She didn’t know what one was! So, coach explained it to her and she was red in the face when she went back to the stands and the game resumed. I am guessing that each youth sports parent in the stands gave her a hard time.

We went right to the store after that game and purchased one. I have worn one in every game/practice since! A baseball has cracked a few of my nut cups over the years since and I always remember this story when that happens.

My Mom has been a huge supporter of my baseball career (if you can call it a career)! This was just her first “real” experience with athletics and we definitely both learned something that day!

Thanks Mom! You were a great youth sports parent! Now you are a great youth sports grandparent!

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