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by Coach C.

I’m seeing more and more travel teams warm-up before games using 8.5″ (diameter) rubber balls for batting practice. Is this the new craze? What are your thoughts and does using the large balls help with the hitting stroke, power or what?


Thanks for the question Coach C!

It is funny you ask this question… I have a buddy of mine that has been asking me to get these on my website because his team loves them. I have never used them, but I do think I want to purchase one or two.

The purpose of them is to develop strength at the point of contact and to help drive through the ball. They are 3 times the weight of a normal baseball.

I see another very nice reason to get them for a youth baseball team… That would be because they don’t fly very far and when you are warming up with your team at a tourney, that is very beneficial. They seem to simply die very quick.

They are expensive… Check out your options on simply click link below:
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