By colin99 •  Updated: 10/02/14 •  2 min read

by Rick
(Tucson, Az)

Equipment Needed For Kill The Coach:

The Activity:

  1. Players form a circle around the coach.
  2. Spread circle out, so that players have sufficient room on each side to swing the bat, without hitting someone.
  3. Coach, standing in center, pitches wiffle balls to each player in turn, around the circle.
  4. Object is to get a line drive or ground ball which hits the coach.
  5. When the bag is empty, have players set their bats on the ground, pick up wiffle balls.

Kill the Coach is lots of fun. Minimal equipment is necessary and it is easy to do. Players go wild when one of them manages to “hit the coach”.

Drill Within The Kill the Coach Game:

NOTE: Replacing wiffle balls with smush balls makes it easier to throw strikes. They also do much better in the wind. Players are able to hit them harder, which they like.