Coach Brent Has Had Great Answers To My Baseball Questions!
From Larry in Santa Rosa, CA:

Is this baserunner interference?

If a little league youth baseball player hits the ball in front of home plate, toward first base, and the catcher runs into the batter while he is trying to make the play?

Baserunner Interference?


Thanks for the baseball question Larry!

I wasn’t 100% sure of this answer, so I asked a few of my baseball colleagues to make sure… Here is the answer:

The batter is out. Not just in little league, but at all levels of baseball. The defenders have the right to make the play even if the batter/baserunner doesn’t do it intentionally. It also does not matter if the batter is still in the box or out of it. The catcher has the right to make the play. Again, this is true even though the base runner can’t do much, if anything, about it. This is one of those baseball situations that are crazy nuances…

So is this base runner interference? Yes!

Thanks again for the question Larry! I am sure you aren’t the only baseball coach/parent that has that question.