Is It a Base Hit If Batter Thrown Out at Second

by Dave
(Lehi, Utah)

This is a baseball scorebook question… Is it a base hit if the batter gets thrown out at 2nd or 3rd base? Do you record this baseball situation as a base hit?


Yes, it is considered a hit!

If the batter is trying to stretch a single into a double, but gets thrown out at 2nd base, he gets credit for a single. If the batter is trying to stretch a double into a triple, but gets thrown out at 3rd base, he gets credit for a double.

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How do you score this in the scorebook? Give the hitter credit for a single or double (depending on what base he was thrown out at). Make note that he was caught trying to stretch to next base. Here is an example:



General Baserunning Rule

On a different note, a general rule in baseball is to NEVER make the 1st or 3rd out at 3rd base. Be conservative because a baserunner at 2nd base is already in scoring position. Getting thrown out at 3rd base with no outs kills the beginning of a rally. Getting throw out at 3rd base with two outs kills a good chance to score in the inning.

On the flip side, it is worth it to be aggressive in trying to reach 3rd base with one out because the runner could then score on a fly ball (can’t do that with two outs).

Thanks again for the question Dave! I am sure you aren’t the only youth baseball coach/parent that has that question.

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