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Youth Baseball Made Simple!

Welcome to the simplest youth baseball site on the Internet. The original goal of this site was to give baseball enthusiasts (coaches, players, parents and fans) a place to find


information about the game of baseball. Today, that is still my goal but the site has grown bigger than once imagined.

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Baseball Is Awesome!

Coaching Youth Baseball
Do you love sitting at a baseball diamond on a nice day? I certainly love that, especially when I am coaching youth players that play for one reason… To have FUN!

As a longtime baseball coach and player, I would like to offer my experiences to assist you in making the game of baseball fun and simple. The way the game should be!

The game of baseball can teach us many things in life. It teaches us that everyone fails and that you have to continue picking yourself up. While coaching youth ball players or playing the game, you are gaining character, desire, determination, and a good attitude that will carry over into life skills.
Coaching Youth Baseball
Coaching a baseball team and/or simply giving instruction to youth players is a pretty important job. From the first day of practice, your players will watch you, listen to you and even start emulating you on the baseball field. As a youth coach or parent, it is your duty to teach the game in a respectful and simple way. So, be sure to take your job seriously and show your baseball team how to play and love the game of baseball. That will put smiles on everyone’s faces, especially the boys!

While visiting my youth baseball site, you will find time-tested coaching tips,

baseball drills


youth baseball training videos

, baseball equipment info, and other resources. The good news is, it is pretty easy stuff.

I invite you to enjoy my site. Please let me know if you have any

baseball questions

. I would love to hear from you!

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Our coaches list their favorite baseball equipment and training aids

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The “Just a Little Boy” baseball poem is a great reminder to all of us adults what youth baseball (and other youth sports) are really about. Check it out!

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My Youth Baseball Contact. I would love to hear from you if you have a comment or suggestion!

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Practicing different baseball situations for a youth baseball team is huge. Give them the practice they need to succeed in games. Come in and check out more.

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This is the place where baseball coaching tips are shared with the world. Submit what works for you as a youth baseball coach or parent.

Key Youth Baseball Coaching Tips

Free youth baseball coaching tips are great when you are new to coaching youth baseball. Come in and check out my simple tips for you.

Our Youth Baseball Lineup Rotation Template Ensures Equal Time At All Positions!

This new and improved baseball lineup rotation template ensures equal playing time. This template is very simple to use. Let your players play all the positions!

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Use this template to create your simple youth baseball practice plans.

Online Promotional Coupons –’s Discount Online Coupons has partnered with some businesses to offer online promotional coupons to MYB visitors. Share them with your baseball teammates and families!

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Plan your baseball practices with Baseball Zone practice plans, videos and instruction

Insider Bat – Stay Inside the Game

The Insider Bat ™ is a revolutionary baseball/softball muscle memory hitting trainer that promotes proper grip, hand placement and proper swing path. This is a great youth baseball swing trainer.

The Hit Zone Batting and Tennis Trainer Tee

The Hit Zone Batting and Tennis Trainer Air Tee is a revolutionary product that kids and adults will love to use while they improve their game. Come in to check it out.

Quality At Bats Academy – See Why Major Leaguers Take Advice From Steve Springer

Steve Springer and his Quality At Bats Academy will make you a better player and teammate. Find out why…

A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and Having Fun

Do you play to win or do you play to have fun? A Perfect Season addresses the evidence that there’s a huge rift between kids who play their sport to have fun and the adults who are bent on winning.

Swing Away Hitting Trainer

The Swing Away hitting trainer will improve the batting skills of any youth baseball or softball player. All MLB teams own one. It is the only product Bryce Harper endorses.

Pop Toss – The Soft Toss Machines That Work!

The Pop Toss Batting Tees are the 21st Century Hitting Trainers. They are spring loaded, piston driven baseball soft toss machines.

Hands Inside Trainer – A New Hitting Tool From The Makers of the Insider Bat

The Hands Inside Trainer, H.I.T., is a new baseball swing trainer from the makers of the Insider Bat. Come in and check out this new product that everyone is talking about.

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas – Simple Ways To Earn Money For Your Program

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas that Work! Youth sports teams, churches and church youth groups, and schools can all benefit.

MYB Team Apparel – Trust Coach Henze With Your Team Apparel

MYB Team Apparel – You can trust Coach Henze to give you quality service and good deals on top names such as Under Armour, Easton, Champion & Majestic Apparel plus much more.

Selecting Youth Baseball Equipment & Protective Gear

Selecting youth baseball equipment can be a stressful experience. Come visit our site and we will try to make the process a little easier and maybe more cost effective!

Free Short Stories About Baseball – Share Yours!

Baseball is a great game and many memories have been made on a baseball diamond. On this page, you can read some free short stories about baseball and even share your own!

About Me – Who is Coach Henze

About Me and My Youth – Who is Coach Henze?

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