How To Hit a Baseball

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As you know, I’m a coach who has taught kids how to hit a baseball and dedicated his life to helping players reach their true potential.

In the 20 + years I’ve been coaching baseball there is one major lesson that I have learned in coaching young players… No matter what tools or skill sets I helped them develop I know one thing is for sure….

I can only help players accelerate their success but not create it. It’s up to them to take what they’ve learned and apply it to game and in life.

How a player responds to this is what will separate him from his opponents and players he’s competing against. It’s a challenge that not many people are willing to meet. But every once in a while I do meet someone, like the founder of Art of Baseball Mark Brooks.

Here is where it gets interesting… Over the past few months he’s been on a campaign to reach out to various baseball experts within the country so I was very excited when I received a phone call from him asking to pick my brain and after realizing how much we had in common we’ve decided to collaborate in the next few months to see what kind of impact we could have if we put our knowledge together.

What do I have for you?

First, below this article will be links to different video breakdowns of top baseball player swings and why they work. Check back for updates!

Second, Mark has an online Hitting Course called the Hitting Machine Academy and it’s full of interesting ways you can:

There is also a library of interviews with Professional Baseball Scouts that is released each month who will share with you exactly what they look for in potential prospects.

I highly recommend that you join the Hitting Machine Academy but don’t take my word for it. Click the link below to see all the other baseball parents and players who are taking their game to the next level. I am a member and have improved my knowledge greatly because of it. My players and my own son have benefitted.

Learn more about the Hitting Machine Academy.


Below are links to videos by Mark Brooks, founder of the Hitting Machine Academy. He does a very nice job explaining the techniques of how to hit a baseball. Check them all out and be sure to check back for updates.

Learn how to hit a baseball like:

Justin Upton
Robinson Cano
Jackie Robinson
Bryce Harper
Buster Posey
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Trout
Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval

Learn how to hit better by:

Getting your hands back
Keeping Your Hands Inside The Ball – Attack the Inner Half
Perfect Hitting Stride – Learn about hitting stances and strides.
Hitting for power when you are small

Other hitting tips and strategies:

Why Batting Average Is Evil – Steve Springer knows his stuff and you should listen…
How to fix your baseball swing by yourself. Especially if you have a bad hitting coach.
Are you sitting the bench? Master these 4 baseball tips.
3 highly effective hitting tips
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If you like these videos, please take the time to become a member of the Hitting Machine Academy where you will find more extremely helpful tips on how to hit a baseball. The minimal monthly fee is definitely worth it. I am a member!

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