How to Hit a Baseball Like Mike Trout

By admin •  Updated: 04/27/14 •  2 min read
How To Hit a Baseball Like Mike Trout

How To Hit a Baseball Like Mike Trout

Do you want to learn How to Hit a Baseball Like Trout? What a year Mike had as a rookie. During the course of the year, I kept thinking to myself, “There is no way this young kid can keep this pace up…” He did!

Mike Trout had a HUUUUUGE rookie year! .326 Batting Average + 30 Home-Runs in 559 At-Bats!

Pretty amazing right? So how did he do it? How did he have such a successful rookie season?

Did he discover some secret batting tips or hitting strategy that rocketed him into the stratosphere of some of the most impressive rookie seasons?

We’ll I can tell you that it’s no secret within the big leagues.

He’s doing exactly what has been taught at the highest level of baseball for a very long time.

Learn how to be selectively aggressive!

In this video, Mark Brooks will be highlighting a few mental hitting tips and best practices on becoming a better hitter who is able to leverage being in a good “hitter’s count” in exactly the same way Mike Trout does.

Watch the video if you haven’t already. Do you agree with what Mark says? What are your thoughts on Trout’s pitch selection and swing? Are you selective at the plate? Do you think you could benefit from some of these tips? Make sure to share your comments and/or questions also (see above).