How to Hit a Baseball Like Justin Upton

By admin •  Updated: 04/27/14 •  2 min read
How To Hit a Baseball Like Justin Upton

How To Hit a Baseball Like Justin Upton

Do you want to learn How to Hit a Baseball Like Upton? I would love to have that ridiculous power! And his speed… And his arm strength… Basically, I would love to have all of his baseball skills!

In the video above, Mark Brooks attempts to share with you his take on why Justin Upton is able to hit home runs with a perfect stride and full extension. It is not easy and it has taken Justin a long time to get to this point, but it definitely works for him.

Mark Brooks will share with you two simple ways Justin Upton is CRUSHING the ball with a very simple swing that showcases very little “pre-swing” and a WHOOOOLE lot of boom power!

That’s his way of saying…”when he hits the ball…the ball goes far”. Very

Take a look at the video above and enjoy watching Justin Upton’s batting power and think about how you can incorporate these two simple batting tips into your own approach at the plate.

Watch the video above if you haven’t already. Do you agree with Mark? What are your thoughts on Justin Upton’s stride? Do you think younger players can utilize that stride? Make sure to share your comments and/or questions also (see above).