How to Hit a Baseball Like Jackie Robinson

By admin •  Updated: 04/27/14 •  2 min read
How To Hit a Baseball Like Jackie Robinson

How To Hit a Baseball Like Jackie Robinson

Do you want to learn How to Hit a Baseball Like Jackie? He did it with reckless abandon! Somehow he did that well.

I’ve always been amazed as to how Jackie Robinson was able to perform the way he did in a culture that provided very little support for his presence.

It took an unimaginable amount of courage and self-discipline to be successful at the plate while withstanding the bigotry and racism that he experienced. He was a true model.

And now a movie that will be telling his story and sharing his message will be put on the big screen. I can’t wait to see it!

So with that in mind, I decided to do another “How to Hit a Baseball” video with Jackie Robinson.

In this hitting tips video, I’ll be sharing my take on why Jackie was able to hit over .300 while playing with reckless abandon and poise!

Take a look!

Watch the video if you haven’t already. Do you agree with what Mark says? What are your thoughts on Jackie’s swing? Do you play with reckless abandon? Do you think today’s baseball players should play with more reckless abandon? Make sure to share your comments and/or questions also (see above).