How to Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey

By admin •  Updated: 04/27/14 •  2 min read
How To Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey

How To Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey

Do you want to learn How to Hit a Baseball Like Posey with your dominant eye? In the video below, Mark Brooks attempts to share with you his take on why Buster Posey is able to hit the ball with such consistency while playing the most physically demanding position on the field. It is NOT easy!

Playing catcher on a big league team is tough enough without worrying about hitting, but Buster Posey does it very well. Squatting for EVERY pitch in well over 120 games within 5 months is grueling, but Buster Posey makes it look easy. I really feel that he and Joe Mauer are two of the top five hitting catchers of all time. They actually may be THE top two… What do you think?

Here is a hint on how Mr. Posey is consistently successful at the plate… It has more to do with the positioning of the upper half and less to do with the swing. It also has to do with your dominant eye.

Watch the video above it you haven’t already. Do you agree with Mark? Do you know of a better hitting catcher to ever play the game? Make sure to share your comments and/or questions also (see above).