How to Hit a Baseball Like Bryce Harper

By admin •  Updated: 04/27/14 •  4 min read
How To Hit a Baseball Like Bryce Harper

How To Hit a Baseball Like Bryce Harper

Today we are going to talk about batting tips on how to hit a baseball like Bryce Harper.

So when you look at a swing like Bryce Harper’s, one of the first things that I notice is the fact that he has a very, very violent swing. Now it ís a violent swing, but it is a good violence. It is a controlled violence.

So one of the first things that I see with his violence is the fact that he does an incredible job of gaining momentum. Now he does this by getting a pretty good distance with his stride. His stride is probably about six to eight inches. Eight inches is probably about the biggest stride, or the longest stride, I would recommend any hitter regardless of his physical makeup, regardless of his size.

If you take a look at his feet you’ll notice that he does get that stride. Now what that does is help incorporate his hips and his hands to get his hips to pull his hands through the zone. That is his momentum, and that is what you see a lot of big power hitters do. Bryce Harper is very strong and he is very, very talented naturally. So he can get away with this.

So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you do this in the same way that Bryce Harper does it, but at the same time you can still incorporate some sort of stride to get your hands moving.

The first thing that you can do to adapt this approach into your own hitting approach is take some video footage of your swing, take a look at your feet and see where your stride is.

One thing that you want to be aware of is the fact that with your stride, you want to make sure that your head isn’t moving too much. Because the fact is, you can have a perfect swing, but if your head is moving too much, so are your eyes. And if your eyes are moving too much you’re not seeing the ball correctly.

So the first thing I would recommend if you want Bryce Harper bat speed, and if you want to use his foot-work and his hitting stance, and incorporate that into your own approach to hitting, make sure that you’re getting footage of your own swing.

Now the second thing that I notice with his swing in regards to generating that violent power that he does when he hits, is that he gets incredible separation with his hands. I’m talking about the hands in relation to his hips. In order to generate that torque and bat speed the way he does, you’ve got to get your hands far enough away from your center of gravity so that you can pull your hands through the zone.

So get footage of yourself on video to take a look at where your hands are. You can also look at yourself in a mirror — facing a mirror and making sure that your hands disappear in the swing.

A great way to look at this is if you see Bryce Harper and you’re looking at him on TV at the perspective of a pitcher you’ll notice that when he starts to swing his hands actually disappear behind his body. That means that he is getting proper separation. So those are two quick ways that you can adapt some of the things that Bryce Harper does in his violent, incredible swing, and that you can adapt into your own approach to hitting at the plate.

That is how to hit a baseball like Bryce Harper.