Hitting stride drills are helpful to all baseball players, but especially youth baseball players as they begin developing their baseball swing. Many youth baseball players can develop a fear of getting hit by a baseball at an early age. That fear will then change their swing because they will start to step in the bucket.

Stepping in the bucket means that, instead of striding directly toward the pitcher, they stride a bit (or a lot) toward 3rd base (for righties) or 1st base (for lefties). When this flaw occurs in the baseball swing, it basically means that the hitter will not be able to hit anything on the outer half of the plate. When this happens, it becomes VERY easy for a pitcher to win the battle. All he has to do is throw to the outer half of the plate and the batter can’t do anything about it.

If you, or any of your players, starts to step in the bucket, fix the problem immediately. Don’t let it become a habit which is very difficult to break. Below is a video of Coach Turtle Thomas, head coach of Florida International, talking about baseball stride drills.