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Do you want to learn how to keep your hands inside the ball?

Rolling over on pitches is something that will happen to every player throughout the course of a season. Chances are if you rolled over on a pitch, the pitcher did a good job of keeping you off balance. You either were fooled on a breaking ball pitch or you just simply failed to stay inside the baseball. Rolling over isn’t the worst thing you can do, but allowing it to become a bad habit will be detrimental to your batting average. So how do you keep from rolling over on pitches?! It’s actually pretty simple.

Batting tips #1

Practice the inside out swing. Take a few practice swings at about 30%. Focus on pushing the knob of the bat as far forward without releasing your top hand foward and allowing the bat head to come through. Take 20-25 swings then move to the next drill.

Batting tips #2

Stand parallel to a wall or net. The distance between you and the wall should be about the length of the bat that you will be using. Get in your stance an attempt to take controlled balanced swings, while focusing on keeping your hands inside. If the bat hits the net or wall , your not keeping your hands inside enough, so adjust accordingly. This is called the Baseball Fence Drill.

Batting tips #3

Place a hitting tee, not on the inner half, but middle-inner half of the plate. Focus on keeping your hands inside and hit to the back of the net. The ball should be hit middle away even though the pitch is slightly in. If you pull the pitch, your not keeping your hands in for long enough so adjust accordingly.

Watch the video above if you haven’t already. Do you agree with what Mark says? What are your thoughts on keeping your hands inside the ball? Have you ever seen this topic explained this simply? Do you think you could benefit from attacking the inner half of the ball? Make sure to share your comments and/or questions also (see above).