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If you have a question about or are looking for answer to a general baseball question, submit it below. These general baseball questions are simply questions that don’t have a category on the

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Submit it below and Coach Henze will answer it as soon as possible. If you are simply browsing questions and looking for answers, click the links below the form to read what other visitors have submitted. You can also comment on these questions or Coach Henze’s answers.

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Questions From Other Visitors

Click below to see questions from other baseball coaches and fans… You will also see the answer to them!

Growth spurts and hitting

My son who is 14 has grown from @ least 3 inches from last seaon and is now 6’2″. He has always had a wide stance in the box due to his long legs and hit …

looking for advice

Hi Coach,

I am looking for advice on the proper wording of an email that I am needing to send to my son’s coach. This is a 7-8 year old coach pitch …

Recreation Team or Move On To Traveling Baseball For 8 Year Old?

Hey Coach. I have a talented and driven 8 year old who has played baseball for the last three years in a local rec league. I am starting to be approached …

Coaching My Son Is Difficult

Coaching my 4th grade son this season has been an emotional struggle. We have a great relationship, but I find it difficult to put my “Dad” hat away when …

Cutting Players After Tryouts

Do you think coaches should be cutting players after tryouts? What are the pros and cons to cutting kids versus forming a B Team?

Lots of opinions …

Should high school coaches be involved in the local in-house rec leagues?

How much involvement, if any, should the high school coaches have with the in-town rec programs?

I know there are good and bad aspects to this but I’m …

Is Baseball Boring For Young Players?

I have coached my son in T-ball, Rookie and this season’s Single A team. We play only 2 innings and each team went through their batting order once going …

Help With Baseball Practice Plans

I’m a brand new coach this season and need help with my baseball practice plans. I’m coaching 11-12 year olds. Our practices are about an hour & a half …

What baseball leagues require the use of a BBCOR certified bat?

My son plays high school baseball in Alabama. Is he going to be required to use a new BBCOR certified bat? If so, are there bats that you …

What’s the best way to conduct a draft for an in-town league?

I’m always looking for ways to make the youth sports environment perfect. It’ll never happen but hell, why not aim high?

I have found certain ways …

What do you think about “forcing” kids to shake hands after a game? I’m a little torn on this and I’m covering it on Saturday’s show.

After watching Schwartz and Harbaugh make asses of themselves this past Sunday and the potential debacle at the Georgia Vanderbilt game on Saturday, I’m …

Post Game Major League Players Sportsmanship

From Little League through college baseball, the players and coaches from both teams line up after the game and acknowledge each other for a good …

When should my son start wearing a nut cup? He started playing T-ball last year.

When should my son start wearing a nut cup? He started playing T-ball last year.

Coach Henze’s Answer
You have no idea how easy this question is …

Should we add more players to our baseball team?

We have a good select baseball team. We have eleven kids and they all are good kids. We are contemplating expanding the roster to make our team more …

This is not really a question…

Not rated yet

I love your site. As a new coach, I am always searching for new ideas and the best ways to lead a group of young men/women (ages 6-8).

Please do not …

16 Player rotation

Not rated yet

Last year I used your 12 player rotation sheet and all the other coaches were jealous of what a great system it was, with all the rotations figured …

What is the worst political BS you’ve witnessed during a tryout process?

Not rated yet

This is an add-on topic for Saturday’s show.

Does my baseball bat meet bat regulations by both leagues I play in?

Not rated yet

Hello, I currently play Junior high baseball as well as club ball outside of school ball. my question is my new bat is -5 with the new USSSA stamp 1.15 …

Will I lose power in my swing if I lose weight?

Not rated yet

I have lost 16 pounds in the past month by running 2 miles a day and doing 80 situps a day. Will I lose power in my swing by doing this?

I have been …

Coach’s Eye Video App

Not rated yet

Hello Coach

Did you see they came out with a new app for iPhones called Coach’s Eye ? Now coaches can video their player right at practice or at a …

Where do you get youth sports insurance for a baseball team ?

Not rated yet

i am trying to get as much info as i can because i am the mother of a 5 year old boy and there is nothing for the kids here to do so i am starting a team, …

Should the hitter bunt in this situation?

Not rated yet

Top of the 7th inning, visiting team up by 2 runs, no outs, man on second base and a mediocre hitter at bat.

Should the coach have the hitter bunt …

What player first used or invented the batting shin guard?

Not rated yet

We’re wondering who first wore or thought of the batting shin guard…

Coach Henze’s Answer Thanks for the question!

To be honest, I have no idea …

Can you recommend a good website or company for uniforms?

Not rated yet

I would like to get matching uniforms for our team. I want caps and batting helmets with the logo as well. Can you recommend some companies that produce …


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Do You Have to Play High School Baseball?

Not rated yet

Could you not play high school baseball and still be able to play summer ball, fall ball and winter training and still be able to run track. Or do you …

Should Youth Baseball Players Play With Older Kids?

Not rated yet

I have been coaching for 6 years and, for the last 2 years, I have had the opportunity to coach an All-Star team. First, it was a 10U team with my oldest …

Dive Or Run Past First Base… Which One Is Faster?

Not rated yet

Is it faster to dive or run past first base?

Coach Henze’s Answer

Is it faster to dive or run past first base? I have heard this question over …


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