Our coaches reveal their list of their favorite baseball equipment and gear for 2014.

Poly Wiffle Balls

These wiffle balls can be used with your game bat and are a great way of getting some pregame or backyard swings with a real bat. Players can hit them off tees, pitch them to each other from a safe distance or feed them side toss. Wiffle balls also give immediate feedback on contact as they will not carry if mishit.

All Weather Baseballs

We are big fan of Baden baseballs in general but as a coach who has spent his entire career in the Midwest, I really appreciate a baseball designed to hold up to the elements. Plus, you get a padded bucket you can sit on while working with pitchers or flipping in the batting cages.

Total Control Balls

These balls weigh nearly one pound and help develop a powerful swing while stressing driving through the ball.


The accubat is a great tool for hitting controlled flyballs and line drives to maximize the effectiveness of those drills. We have been particularly impressed by the ability to execute good line drive drills in a small warmup area. It can also be given to a novice parent or coach and you now have an extra station of hard to get flyball reps.