Why am I writing an article about the EvoShield Protective Chest and Back product?

As a parent and coach, I always want to make sure that my athletes play the best they can, but also I want them to be protected while on the field. I did some research on youth baseball injuries and one of the worst is commotio cordis. Commotio cordis occurs when a player gets hit in the chest or back and the natural heart rate is disrupted, causing circulation to stop. It is usually fatal and younger players are generally more at risk. No gear can promise to prevent commotio cordis, but there are a number of protective options that can help prevent injuries.

Why the EvoShield Protective Chest and Back?

Chest guards are a great option to help protect your child. Of course, they don’t reduce the player’s likelihood of getting hit (wouldn’t it be great if you could buy something to do that!), they do reduce the possibility of a fatal injury. The problem here is, not all chest guards are up to par and the ones that offer better protection generally are bulky, uncomfortable, and hurt performance. A lot of the lighter guards just have a small circle around the heart, leaving the rest of the chest uncovered. As far as the ones that offer a fuller protection, they have so many straps and are so uncomfortable and bulky that some kids won’t even wear them on the field.

EvoShield came up with a chest protector design that provides full protection and is lightweight and comfortable. A lot of the chest protectors on the market are made of cheap foams and plastics but the EvoShield Protective Chest and Back guards use patented Gel-to-Shell technology that disperse the impact of a blow to spread it over a wider surface area, instead of absorbing it. The EvoShield Heart Guard also offers wrap around protection to the rib cage and comes with back guard inserts, because commotio cordis can happen after a blow to the back as well. The shields are soft and flexible when they come out of the packaging then begin to harden in the shirt’s pockets, custom fitting to each athlete, that’s pretty impressive stuff. Your kid can play with confidence in this lightweight guard that won’t hurt their performance, make them uncomfortable, and they won’t put up a fight about wearing it. Odds are, your child won’t even realize they’re wearing it but you will be able to breathe easier in the stands knowing they are protected on the field.

And did I mention EvoShield is an official protective gear supplier of Major League Baseball? If you had any doubts on how well it works, that should calm those fears. And if your kids are worried about being picked on for wearing a heart guard, tell them to watch a few MLB games and look for the EvoShield logo on just about every batter. You can also find most NFL, NHL and NCAA teams wearing EvoShield protective gear.

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