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Baseball Dugout Diaries Issue 5 (April 5, 2013) – Sorry, it has been a long time since I posted a new diary entry.  Basically, I have been busy moving from our old home to a temporary home and finally into our newly built home.  Crazy times…

Anyway…  Round 1 of our traveling baseball tryouts are complete and we will be moving to round 2 of our tryouts on Monday afternoon.  Round one broke all players into two groups.  The first 18 players are working to earn one of 12 spots on the AAA team and 6 spots on the AA team.  The second group of 18 players are trying to earn the other 6 spots on the AA team while the other 12 will be on the A team.

Our goal for the 2nd round of tryouts was to hold them outside, but the weather in Minnesota has not cooperated.  There is still some snow on the ground and temps have been flucuating from the 20’s to the 50’s.   So…  We will be holding the 2nd round in a local middle school gymnasium.

I am not sure how the 1st round of actual tryouts went as we couldn’t be in the area during them.  However, I do like the model of breaking the kids into two groups instead of three before deciding on the three teams.  It gives the players another opportunity to show what their skills are in case they were very nervous, sick or simply had a bad day.  I just think it is a better way to assess that having one night of tryouts and then putting kids on teams based on that one snippet of info the evaluators get.

Season is getting closer!

Coaching Interview

My coaching interview went very well.  I felt the interview questions were quality questions that gave the board some real insight on how a guy would coach and deal with everything a traveling coach will have to deal with.  They asked questions about fundamentals, dealing with adults, discipline, pitching, etc.

We won’t know who is coaching what team until after all tryouts are complete and kids are placed on a team.