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Baseball Dugout Diaries Issue 2 (February 12, 2013) – After getting my son registered to tryout for traveling baseball, the next step was to get him fitted for a uniform.  They want all potential traveling players to get fitted so they are fully ready to place the final order once tryouts are done.  This will help ensure the uniforms will be ready before the first games of the season.  NOTE:  Not all kids had to show up at the store at the same time…  We simply were given until February 18 to stop in when convenient to get sized.

Tonight, my son and I traveled to the sporting goods store in a neighboring city that is supplying the uniforms for our program.  It was a pretty slick process in the fact that the sporting good employee had a clipboard with all the player’s names listed, so all he to do was size my son up.  He was sized up for a uniform, pants and baseball cap.  The worker wrote down the sizes and we were on our way.

It took about 15 minutes total from start to finish.  This made me very happy because we are in the middle of moving right now and I had plenty of other things to do.  Kudos to our board for making this such a smooth process!

Cost of Uniforms

The total cost for each player’s uniform is $132.50.  These will be the same uniforms that the players will be using in years to come, so the cost isn’t as big a concern unless my son has a huge growth spurt (this is if he makes a team).  I feel very comfortable with this price, especially if he gets a couple years use out of it before we have to buy a replacement.  We could buy cheaper uniforms that only last a year and pay more money in the long run!  Below is the cost breakdown:


I guess I would like to hear from other parts of the country on what it costs for traveling uniforms.  Do your teams use the same uniform year after year?  Share your experiences below…


Please share your comments, thoughts and/or stories on dugout diaries issue 2 below.  What are your thoughts about the cost of traveling youth baseball uniforms?  What do you pay for your traveling uniforms?  Are the costs built in to your total fee to play traveling baseball?  Can you use them year after year?